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Posted: Friday 10th May '13

Updated: Thursday 20th May '21

The organisers would like to thank everyone for a great day at the Tractor Safari. Everybody really enjoyed the lovely countryside and the chance to view areas of our parish that are usually out of reach and sight. A special ‘thank you’ is due to the Poole family for organising a route on and around their farm, passed their ponds and through their woods.

This event was a great combined effort with the Village Hall Committee getting behind the Playing Field Committee to make it such a great day.

A big ‘thank you’ to all the Friends of the FPF and all the tractor drivers, many of whom made three trips round the route to enable all the enthusiastic riders to take the enjoy the experience.
The food was excellent. Many thanks to Eileen Brown, Rose Faulkner, Kim WarringtonMarcelle Paton-Smith, and Leslie Ball for producing delicious pork rolls, and ice cream.

There would have been a very big hole in the marquee without liquid refreshment dispensed by the Village Hall Bar Committee: Mel, Joyce, Collette, Michelle and the Brooks girls.

Our thanks also go to Ian Smith and his Tractor Team of Edward BrownMitchell BrightStuart and Robert Faulkner, and Steve Wooldridge for organising the tractor safari, the tractor skittles, tractor reversing course and the digger skills contest. They were all great fun to watch!

Thank you also to David Smith and Susan Bowman for collecting the money and marshalling cars and tractors. To Adrian Green who provided the Golf Chip contest – far more difficult than it looked!

To Tony and Olly Sanders and Steve Bond who organised a splendid Ball Lobbing game. To Mark Goldman who arranged the electrics, and Mark Thomas who set the Quiz that kept us all guessing.
On the day we raised:


Hot rolls and ice cream £178.50
Gate Receipts £491.80
Golf Ball Chipping  £70.00
Bar Donation, including licence money £76.00
Ball Lobbing £23.20
Tractor Games £34.45
Total £873.00

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Playing field : Liz Hunkin  01805 623734
W.I. : Maureen Poole  01805 622834

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