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Posted: Tuesday 8th June '10

Updated: Tuesday 8th June '21

We discovered the planks on the first floor were rotten and needed to be replaced. But first, one of the largest bird nests had to be removed (see the three small photos on left and below).
This was made more complicated as the floor above (and the one below) was too weak to take the weight of the volunteer clearance team. A light weight skip was constructed, and by pulling this up through a hatchway level to the lower floor, it was possible to rake the huge amount of sticks and detritus into it: a very slow and dusty task!

The new planks are 2 inches thick and 12 inches wide, and as these are predicted to last well over 75 years, it was suggested that sponsors could have their initials carved on the floor. This idea has been received very well.
Spaces have been selling very quickly – we have already sold single lots and blocks of 5 bought by families who would like to be associated with the church tower. We have also accepted requests by families for initials of their loved ones to be included. But it has also been suggested that we take our time in obtaining sponsors as many people have fond memories of the tower and church.

We are proposing that for £5 you can have your initials marked on the plank – and that we create a ‘map’ of the floor which will be framed and displayed for everyone to see. This ‘map’ showing the location of initials and names will be sited in the tower is being prepared.
For more information please call: Terry Warrington on 01805 625235, or Greg Ball 01805 623613 or any of the bell ringers.
Work is in hand (November 2010) as the three photographs on left show.

You can still have your initials included
If you would like yours, or your relative’s, initials to be added, please get in touch with any bell ringer or write to with the details.
New lights have also been installed in the stairwell, and extra lighting and a power supply on the first floor and in the bell chamber.
This work now makes the tower a lot safer for the public to explore and events are planned to open the tower to the public.


Key contacts

All the contact details have been given for the local clubs and groups, but please do contact us if you have any questions about what you’ve seen on this website.
Church : Sidney Adams 01805 622300
Village hall booking secretary: Michael Short 01805 623359
Playing field : Liz Hunkin  01805 623734
W.I. : Maureen Poole  01805 622834

Parish Clerk

Mrs Kate Graddock (BA Hons)
4 Springfield, Petrockstowe,
Devon, EX20 3HF

Phone: 07703 050496

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